HGH Therapy Side Effects

Everything you do, take and consume has some side effects.  Running can cause your knees and hips to grind down bones and result in knee replacements.  Dieting can cause other deficiencies or leave you without any energy at all if you aren’t careful enough.  Some supplements can leave you feeling nauseated, or even sick. Everything has side effects.

HGH therapy side effects


Finding a good product or routine that works for your life isn’t about finding something with no side effects. It’s about finding something that has side effects that you can live with or that don’t affect you in person as much.  And sometimes you just have to give something a try even though there are some side effects because you never know when you might be the lucky one that doesn’t experience bad side effects.  HGH is one of the best hormonal treatments to boost bodybuilding results and to help men and women lose weight a lot faster.  But even HGH therapy has side effects.  But the good news is that not all side effects of HGH therapy are negative.  There are also some surprisingly good side effects to this growth hormone.

HGH Therapy Side Effects for Men and Women

Men and women are a lot different.  They think differently, act differently and their bodies react differently to different treatments.  But HGH replacement therapy is one of those products that don’t cause that much difference in male and female bodies as most products do.  In fact, this therapy results in basically the same benefits and side effects for both men and women.

Negative side effects– The negative side effects of HGH therapy for both men and women are as follows:

  • Some men and women experience nerve pains, muscle aches and joint pains.
  • Growth hormones stimulate growth in the body which can result in swelling or fluid buildup in body tissues.
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition where hands and fingers start to ache due to a compression of nerves that passes through the carpal bones at the front wrists.
  • Men and women can also experience a tingling skin or even numbness
  • HGH is not for cholesterol sufferers as the treatment can cause peaks in cholesterol levels.

Positive side effects– Here are the top positive HGH therapy side effects:

  • Men and women enjoy improved skin thanks to the growth hormones that help your body to revitalize and restore damaged skin cells.
  • The growth hormone stimulates growth in your bones, muscles and skin, which means your body is focusing on developing these areas and thus takes nutrition’s from other sources like body fat.  This results in overall easier weight and body fat loss.
  • Another positive side effect is that the growth hormone boosts hair and nail growth in men and women which contributes to a younger look.
  • HGH replacement therapy also results in higher energy levels so men and women can work out and perform better in the gym.

HGH Therapy Side Effects for Men

As said before, men and women are not the same and even though both enjoy terrific benefits as well as some negative side effects caused by HGH, there are also some different HGH replacement therapy side effects to men and women.

Negative HGH hormone replacement therapy side effects-

  • Men that do not work out or follow the correct diet will fail to build the desired muscular structure because HGH alone is not enough to get that rock solid and bulking body.
  • A big negative HGH hormonal therapy side effect is that men can develop in all the wrong areas and experience abnormal growth in bones and internal organs.

Positive HGH therapy side effects-

  • The hormonal treatment boosts fertility levels
  • Men stay younger for longer

HGH Therapy Side Effects for Women

Women also experience some different positive or negative HGH replacement therapy side effects such as:

Negative HGH hormone replacement therapy side effects-

  • Women on HGH therapy need to be careful of getting pregnant since the hormonal therapy boosts fertility.
  • The therapy can cause general bloating.

Positive side effects-

  • Improved skin, reduced wrinkles and better skin elasticity are great positive effects for women.
  • Another HGH side effect is that the treatment balances hormones which reduce the effects of aging and especially menopause.