Side Effects of HGH Injections

When considering the side effects of taking HGH injections there are a few things that you always need to remember. First of all, everything has side effects. Those headache tablets you take can lead to a kidney failure, those antidepressants you consume did lead to death in some people and those diet pills you are taking can cause a heart failure. And secondly, the danger warnings going on side effects from hgh injections are highly over exaggerated because the competing companies like diet ones and weight loss companies are trying to find a way to boost their own personal sales. HGH is not nearly as dangerous as you have heard. In fact, the side effects of human growth hormone injections are a lot fewer and a lot more unlikely than the side effects in those multivitamins you take each and every day. So, what are the side effects of taking HGH injections?

Side effects of HGH injections


Possible side effects of HGH injections

What are side effects of hgh injections? The side effects of taking HGH injections are both positive and negative because those that use these injections often report other benefits that they did not expect from the hormonal treatment.  Here are the negative side effects of HGH injections:

  • Swelling – HGH boosts growth which stimulates body tissues and especially muscle tissues.  Any body part that is stimulated will retain fluids and start to swell and some people that use HGH report swelling.
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome – One of the biggest reasons to take HGH is to boost growth in muscles.  Carpal tunnel syndrome is a painful condition where your fingers start to ache due to swelling of the muscles that flow through the wrists.
  • High cholesterol levels – Cholesterol sufferers should be wary when using this treatment and if they use it, they should be extra careful to follow a healthy diet.
  • Numbness of the skin – Some people report that their skin feels numb or tingling.
  • Pains and aches – Your nerves, muscles and joints can start to ache and pain as a result of the treatments.
  • Diabetes – Those suffering from diabetes need to consult with a medical professional before using HGH because one of the biggest negative side effects of HGH injections is that it causes diabetes to get a lot worse.

Possible side effects of hgh injections

Luckily, there are also some positive side effects to this hormonal treatment and a lot more people do actually enjoy the positive side effects from HGH injection than the number of people that get negative side effects. So, what are the side effects of HGH injections?  Here are all of the positive effects, you can count on:

  • Improved skin – Your skin cells regenerate a lot quicker and better which makes your skin a lot more elastic and radiant. You can enjoy better-looking skin, fewer wrinkles and much firmer skin despite tremendous weight loss.
  • Weight loss – The growth hormones help your body target body fat instead of muscle when your body is looking for reserves to burn during workouts.
  • Improved mood – HGH helps fight off depression and generally improves your mood.
  • Hormonal balance – Women that take HGH are much better off during menopause phase because the HGH helps keep the balance of hormonal levels and helps them deal with effects such as hot flashes and more.
  • Improved sleep – HGH is a good cure for insomnia, which is another good side effect from HGH injections.
  • Improved appetite – You cannot bulk up if you don’t eat well and HGH improves your appetite so you eat better.
  • Boosts energy – The treatment overall makes you look and feel younger and boosts growth in your body which also boosts your natural energy levels.

How to avoid side effects?

Chronic disease suffers like those that suffer from diabetes need to consult with a medical professional, a doctor before taking the HGH injections so they can follow the best and healthiest plan which will help reduce side effects.  Other side effects like pains and aches are often temporarily but can be avoided by working out right and starting off slow so you don’t overwork your muscles.  Following a good diet along with your HGH treatment will also help you avoid a lot of side effects.

Start your HGH Therapy

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