HGH Testing

HGH blood testing

One of the biggest questions regarding HGH is whether this growth hormonal treatment is just for men and women over the age of 40. To give you a simple answer, I am going to share a short history of HGH with you. HGH has been in use for a very long time but was first only used to boost growth in children that have malfunctioning pituitary glands or for seniors with severe growth hormone shortages. But, athletes and coaches soon discovered the benefits of HGH and started using this naughty youth serum to boost the performance of athletes during the 1980s. The athletes on these treatments excelled! They became fit a lot quicker, build stronger muscles faster, recovered from sports injuries a lot quicker and they had much more energy.

The performance of athletes was simply not natural and competitors started asking questions which lead more and more athletes to start using HGH which left anyone who is not on this hormonal treatment in the dust. Well, finally sports organizations had to ban the treatment from professional sports simply because everyone that wanted a shot at winnings had no choice but to use the hormonal treatments. But if you aren’t planning on competing professionally then there is no reason why you cannot get hgh testing us and use HGH to benefit your body for better and quicker bodybuilding and weight loss results.  If you have been struggling to build muscles or lose weight despite giving it your all then you might have an HGH shortage which means it is time for HGH testing in the US.

Human Growth Hormone Blood Testing

Needed testings for HGH therapy

Your human growth hormone levels can be tested by taking a blood test. HGH blood testing cost is not as expensive as you might think and will give you and your HGH doctor valuable information. Your HGH test blood will be able to tell the doctor whether you have a human growth shortage, it will tell your doctor whether your pituitary gland is functioning which can give additional explanations as to why you struggle to lose weight and the test results will help your doctor determine which dosage to prescribe to you and what workouts should be accompanied by the injections so you will get the best results from treatments. The HGH testing cost will be quite affordable if you consider all of these great benefits you will be getting.

How Much Does HGH Blood Test Cost?

Blood work for HGH levelsThe HGH blood test cost can be different for different locations, different facilities and different doctors. HGH testing US is now more affordable than ever before simply because a lot more people are testing their growth hormone levels these days, thanks to all of the youth benefits and hormone tranquility that the hormone treatments has for older individuals who can live more comfortably after getting treatments. HGH blood tests cost around $103 and it takes about 2 – 3 days to get your test results. Once again; HGH testing cost different for different practices, clinics, doctors and medical firms. This amount is just estimation and that is just the blood test itself. To get a much more accurate price for HGH blood test cost you can request a quotation from one of our HGH doctors on our listings which will also give you a good idea of what these doctors charge to get the blood drawn and for the actual appointment.

Signs that you need an HGH test

Not all people that use HGH had an HGH blood test done. Plenty of athletes uses HGH for bodybuilding even though they know that they don’t have an HGH shortage simply because HGH has a lot of anti-aging and performance boosting benefits. You can convince your HGH doctor to give you a prescription without testing for HGH, but the best and safest way to go about your new weight loss and bodybuilding program is to get tested so you will get the best medical information regarding the health of your pituitary gland and so you will get the right dosages for either HGH injections or for HGH oral supplements.  With testing, all of your body needs become clear and the information is especially important if you are considering HGH at an age younger than 40.